About Coaching

About Coaching and other definitions

I love coaching but I am not using that term to self describe as some of you already know.

Problem is, many–if not most–coaching relationships don’t work out the way you would like it to work.

Instead, after an initial burst of enthusiasm, the coaching sessions seem tired and rote, the work you’re asked to do between sessions feels artificial or irrelevant, and eventually you find yourself rescheduling the sessions more often that not.

So we will work with you as an advocate and supporter for change and make you better:

* A better negotiator

* A better salesperson, communicator, listener or whatever you would like to accomplish and be based on our preliminary findings and your own value system.

And yes there will be an accountability scheme in place through calls, texts, tweets messaging or email.

If I commit to making you a better of the above, I will make sure that I keep track of it so will you!

So please do not hesitate to use the technology available to communicate with me!

So LET’S START! contact me for further information.